Świnice Warckie
Diocese of Włocławek
of St. Sister Faustina

How easy it was to pray in that little church!
St. Faustina


The most distinguished daughter of the land of Świnice

Painting of St. Faustina from the side altar

Painting of St. Faustina from the side altar

In the borderland between Wielkopolska and Mazovia, between the archbishop’s Uniejów and the royal Łęczyca, where the Ner River flows into the Warta River, among the vast meadows and grain fields, we will find the Parish of Świnice Warckie.

It owes its fame to the Apostle of Divine Mercy, St. Sister Faustina Kowalska, who was born here, was baptized here and lived here in God’s mercy for sixteen years, half of her life. Standing at the baptismal font of St. Faustina, we humbly repeat the words of John Paul the Great: – For Her, everything started here. In the Land of Świnice we call Her: the Mystic of Głogowiec.

The origins of the history of the Parish date back to the turn of the 13th century. Archbishop of Gniezno Jakub Świnka, one of the most outstanding representatives of Poland’s Middle Ages, is regarded as the founder of the first local church.

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