Shrine of the Birth and Baptism of St. Faustina

The village of Swinice Warckie (originally Swience) was mentioned for the first time in a document dating back to the year 1301. The local tradition has it that the village had been founded by the archbishop of Gniezno Jakub Świnka. The only historical document in which the village of Świnice is referred to as a town dates back to the year 1458. Subsequently, the place will be referred to as a gentleman’s village. The local parish was set up in the second half of 13th century. The first parish church, dedicated to St. Gotard was founded simultaneously with the parish. The present church, built of bricks and stone, and dedicated to St. Kazimierz, was erected in 1859 (consecrated in 1882), thanks to the donation made by Kazimierz Karwowski, the local squire. It was in this parish that St. Faustina Kowalska was born. She was baptized in the above church and it was here that she made her First Holy Communion. The mementos connected with her in the church are: the baptismal font, and the confessional. St. Faustina’s family home – currently a modest museum, is situated within the parish boundaries, at the village of Głogowiec. St. Faustina’s parents had been buried in the parish cemetery.

Roman-Catholic Parish Dedicated to St. Kazimierz
99-140 Świnice Warckie
ul. Św. Faustyny 3

Parish account:
Nr 57 8543 0000 2004 4000 1775 0001

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